Webcasting Services

Conference Live Streaming

Grow your event.

Live stream your conference, attract more people, and create lasting impact.

Gain More Exposure

Provide interactive live sessions and on-demand content to gain more exposure and create lasting impact.

Watch from anywhere.

Create a global audience for your event with live sessions and on demand content.

Attend conferences in style.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of your favourite conferences without even leaving your desk.

Increase Attendance

With a live streaming video, you can eliminate the hassle of travel and still participate in the conference.

Digital Platform

Digital Platform

Utilize custom designed private website to share your conference and speakers with your virtual guests

Live Production

Live Production

Our skilled video crew will provide you with reliable, high-quality live production services for your conference.

Online Registration.

Online Registration.

Virtual registration and online tickets sales is the easiest way for your attendees to register for your conference or event.

Sell more tickets, raise more revenue.

Online payment and Registration

We help organizers capture more registrations, generate more revenue, and create a lasting impact.

Video on Demand Recording

Missed a session, watch later.  Create a lasting impact with our on-demand video recording service.

Increase Monetization

Whether you want to sell more tickets, raise sponsorship revenue, or offer discounts and promotions codes, we've got you covered with our online registration and monetization tools.


Connect with experts and diverse perspectives from anywhere in the world. Become a more informed business person with expert speakers, curated content, and live sessions available on demand. We offer onsite video professionals to provide support and production services to allow for a smooth event experience for all participants.

We stream your event to as many people as you want, wherever they are in the world. With Prairie Wave Conference Live, your attendees can watch the live stream of your event from their home or office, and even join via mobile if they're on the go. You'll also get a professionally-produced video recording of your event with all of the bells and whistles - it's a way to make sure that the content get to those that need to see it.

Bring your conference to the world.
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